The Injury Plague has Began Sweeping Through the NFL

It seems as if the injury bug has began to spread throughout the NFL as teams approach week 6. Current and upcoming standout players have been sidelined or marked as questionable due to injuries suffered in weeks prior. A good majority of the injured players listed across the board have heavy impacts on their teams final outcome week in and week out. So, seeing them unable to preform is a hard pill to swallow, especially when approaching the midway point of the season.

2019 Week 6 NFL injury list

Being that this week 6 Injury list is very lengthy and full of big names, the focus will be on the players whose team will suffer the most while dealing with their absence.

Now, let’s get started. Being that the Quarterback is the most important player on the field, it’s only right that they lead off the article.

QUARTERBACKS (Constant impact)

Obviously, we have to talk about each quarterback that was listed above due to the fact that they are the most impactful player on the field. First being MVP front runner, Patrick Mahomes, who re-aggravated the same ankle he tweaked in week 1 after getting stepped on by one of his offensive lineman. Mahomes was quoted saying “It was sore after the game, but it feels pretty good today.” Although Mahomes did say he wasn’t 100%, both Chief’s and fantasy football fans can take a sigh of relief as Patty and the 4 and 1 Kansas City Chiefs aren’t going anywhere.

Patrick Mahomes limping off the field

Cam Newton hasn’t laced up his cleats since week 2 and is expecting to miss Carolina’s week 6 matchup with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in London as he is still dealing with a mid-foot sprain. He might have a harder job re-securing his QB1 spot back as rookie quarterback, Kyle Allen, is undefeated as a starter and followed up Cam’s 0 and 2 start up with three straight wins.

After suffering a left should dislocation in week 4 against the Vikings, Mitch Trubisky and the Chicago Bears enter into a bye week, giving Trubisky an extra week to recover. After dropping one against the Raider’s in week 5, the Bears still hold a 3and 2 winning record with Trubisky’s return for week 7 against the New Orleans Saints.

Mitch Trubisky leaves field after dislocating shoulder

New York Jets, Sam Darnold, has finally been cleared to play in week 6 matchup against the Dallas Cowboys after being diagnosed with mono after week ones loss. The losing hasn’t stopped since he left as the Jets are on pace for an 0 and 16 record, unless Darnold can help get Le’veon Bell and the offense rolling in the right direction.

I’m not sure if Mason Rudolph will be awake to play in Sundays game after the hit he took last week which knocked him out cold on the field against the Ravens. Being that Rudolph is already taking the place of injured veteran, Ben Roethlisberger, the 1 and 4 Steelers are starting to run out of options at the quarterback positions and watching their season slip away. Rudolph’s concussion will keep him off the field this week, and will undergo tests to return for week 7.

RUNNING BACKS (Strong Impact)

Although running backs may not have as much control over a game as a quarterback, they are arguably the player giving off the most impact and creating momentum for the team.

Christian McCaffrey being the biggest on this list as he had made a splash this season leading the charge as the Panthers enter into week six riding a 3 game win streak. Suffering from a back injury, McCaffrey seems to still be 100% for this Sundays game. McCaffrey, leading the league in rushing yards, carries and trailing Packers runningback, Aaron Jones, by one touchdown with seven this season. In order for the Panthers to stay hot, they need McCaffrey healthy and on the field all season.

Christian McCaffrey starting running back for the Carolina Panthers

The last thing the Super Bowl runner– up, 3 and 2 Rams need right now is for their star running back, Todd Gurley, to go down mid season. With a quad contusion, there is really no telling what could come from this. Gurley has been one of, if not the main reason the Rams have had so much success in recent years. With a big game this week against unbeaten San Fransisco, Gurley is 50/50 on if he will be able to suit up this Sunday.

The New York Giants, lost their star running back, Saquon Barkley, week three to a high ankle sprain that was supposed to sideline him for 4-8 weeks. Now that OBJ is gone, and the Giants already suffering from a fair amount of injuries to begin the season, Saquon is the biggest piece of the offense. Without Saquon Barkley, the Giants aren’t the same team and its not even close. Barkley, being the animal he is, was already questionable for return for this weeks game but decided to play it safe, and take another week of rest. This past week, videos on twitter arose of Barkley working on his foot work at practice only two weeks after the ankle injury.

Saquon Barkley returns to practice

WIDE RECEIVERS (Timely Impact)

One of the main reasons The Kansas City Chiefs have a been so dangerous on offense in recent years is because of number 10. Tyreek Hill has provided the Chiefs offense with an unforgettable amount of explosive plays that no other receiver in the league can match. Hill, suffering from a shoulder injury, practiced Wednesday but the status on his return is still questionable as the Chiefs battle the Texan’s this Sunday. With both Mahomes and Hill shaken up, the Chiefs may still have enough talent to keep them above water.

Davante Adams has become the Green Bay Packers number one receiver over the years and taken the role of past Hall of Fame Packers wideouts. After starting the season off hot, Adams was diagnosed with turf toe after week fours game against the Eagles being the only loss of the season. Turf toe, being a very common injury wide receivers suffer from in the NFL, is one where you must let it heal on its own. With the Packers looking make a run at the division, I’m sure the Packers and Adams will do what they can and push the return date to get him back on the field.

Although the Falcons have started the season one and four, Julio Jones has started off the year red hot as always. Julio has been the best player on the falcons and best receiver in the league for quite some time now. Each week he is able to make a huge impact on the Falcons offensive scheme. Whether it be a decoy or a deep ball, he has dominated the NFL for years. Jones suffering from a reoccurring hip injury again in week 5 against the Texans will more than likely stick it out for this Sunday’s game but will not be 100%.

This NFL season has introduced and reunited star players throughout the league to the injured reserved list. With the amount of names you see listed for this week, the NFL plague doesn’t seem too far-fetched anymore. Players going down left and right has been an issue NFL teams are way to familiar dealing with this year. Hopefully, going forward, players find a healthy balance and continue on with their star seasons.

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