The NFL Injury Plague is here to stay After week 6

The NFL injury plague shows no signs of stopping after adding big upcoming stars names to the list following week 6. From quarterbacks to running backs to wide receivers, the plague is not exactly picky when it comes to its choosing.

The bug decided to start the week off with the biggest name in the NFL since he entered into the league, Baker Mayfield. After falling awkwardly in the third quarter in Sunday’s matchup against the Seahawks, Mayfield limped to the sideline and headed back into the locker room in regards to his left hip. Shortly after, Mayfield returned to the field and finished out the remainder of the game. Although Baker did not miss a snap, his return to the game did not affect the end result as the Browns move to a disappointing 2 and 4 on the season after falling 32-28 to the 5 and 1 Seattle Seahawks. Cleveland wasn’t the only destination for this bug to settle in at week 6.

Baker injures left hip

The injury bug made sure to make a stop in LA to infect Pittsburg Steelers running back, James Conner. The Steelers looked to Conner a lot in Sunday nights 24-17 win over the Los Angeles Chargers. After a monster first half which included two rushing touchdowns for Conner, he was sidelined early in the second half due to a quad injury. Once entering the locker room, Conner never returned back into the game and his status for next week is still questionable.

James Conner injured on this play vs Chargers

It then made its way up into the big city to visit Amari Cooper in New York for the Cowboy-Jets game. It didn’t take long for Cooper to feel the injury bugs presence as he was only on the field for the first drive of the game. Posting a one reception and three yard stat line before exiting the game with a quad injury. Back in the locker room, they ruled him out for the remainder of the game and Cooper was quoted saying he was in “pretty significant pain” after the game. Monday morning, they diagnosed him with a thigh bruise but noted there was no long-term damage. Even though thigh bruises are said to be incredibly painful, Cooper is not expected to miss much time.

Amari Cooper Stat line
Cowboys might be in trouble without Cooper

From no names to big names, players have been dropping like flies throughout the first few weeks of the season. The plague shows no signs of stopping either as it continues to infect bigger and bigger names each week. Hopefully with the cold weather approaching quickly, it can help stop the injury bug before it spreads more and more throughout the league.

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