It Didn’t take long for Jalen Ramsey’s back to heal After Being Traded to the Rams

For the past year, Jalen Ramsey has expressed his dislike with the direction the Jacksonville Jaguars franchise is heading and made it very clear that he wanted out of Jacksonville as soon as possible. Well, Jalen got exactly what he wished for along with everyone else involved in the trade.

Adam Schefter discussing Jalen Ramsey trade

After sending his trade request in on September 16th, the day after Ramsey’s sideline altercation with head coach, Doug Marrone, after a week 2 loss to the Texans, Ramsey’s team participation vanished. Just a few days before the Jaguars game against the Tennessee Titans, Ramsey had still not touched the field due to a so called “back injury.” Jaguars owner, Shad Khan, quickly refused Ramsey’s trade request, believing that he could eventually work something out to keep the best cornerback in the league on the Jags. Once Ramsey’s trade request was denied, is when his back started to “act up” sidelining him for his remaining time in Jacksonville.

Rams showing off new cornerback

It soon was clear to Khan and the Jaguars organization that Ramsey had no intentions of suiting up with the Jaguars ever again. Jalen was going to milk that “back injury” all the way to another city. That was exactly the case as Ramsey’s plan worked perfectly in his favor.

Barstool sports jokes about Ramsey “back injury”

Ramsey is heading to a Super Bowl contending team out in L.A. that will have no problem fulfilling his money obsession.

Jalen Ramsey pulls up to Jags camp beginning of the year

The Rams and Jaguars agreed to a blockbuster trade sending Jalen Ramsey to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for two first round picks along with a fourth to seal the deal. A win-win for both sides as the Rams receive the best corner in the league and the Jags lose the Ramsey drama and gain early draft picks. Ramsey was so ready to get out of Jacksonville that his “back injury” magically healed as he will suit up for the Rams this Sunday against Julio Jones and the Falcons.

Schefter breaks down the win-win from the trade

With a healthy Jalen Ramsey locking down receivers sideline to sideline, this Rams defense is a scary one to face up against. Now that Ramsey is satisfied with his destination, over his back injury, and has dollar signs floating around his head, there isn’t any reason he doesn’t finish off this season with his third pro bowl and perhaps a Super Bowl ring.

Joke about Jalen Ramsey arriving in LA

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