Patrick Mahomes MVP Season may be in Jeopardy After Thursday Night knee Scare

Patrick Mahomes has really started to make a name for himself in the NFL by proving each week that he can compete with any team in the league. Not only can he complete with the best this league has to offer, but Mahomes has found an immense amount of success since entering into the league in 2017.

Mahome’s laying on Reiter after right knee cap dislocation

After taking home the MVP trophy last season, Mahomes has not skipped a beat through the first half of the 2019 season. Entering into Thursday nights game against the Broncos, Mahomes and the Chiefs held a record of 4 and 2 with all the pieces starting to click.

Mahome’s walking off the field under his own power

In the second quarter of the Chief’s dominating 30-6 win, Kansas City was faced with a fourth and one in Bronco’s territory. Mahome’s followed his big men up front and snuck the ball up the middle for a Chief’s first down inside the red-zone. As the pile cleared, number 15 had not yet jumped back up on his feet. As he tried to stand, Mahome’s right knee was not exactly cooperating with him. The Chief’s offensive lineman looked in concern as they tried to help the reigning MVP up off the ground.

Looking to the sideline for help, Mahome’s was being elevated up off the ground by his trusty center, Austin Reiter. Understanding the situation, Reiter laid there acting as a bed until they were able to shift him safely to the grass.

Once Mahome’s removed his helmet and laid there awkwardly awaiting the trainers, it was very clear that this was not just a stinger.

Trainers and coaches surrounded their young star quarterback lying on the field. Once the trainers were able to get Mahome’s comfortable enough, they decided to begin to treat his dislocated knee cap. By straightening out his right knee, the Chief’s trainer was able to pop Mahome’s knee cap back into place.

After being helped to his feet, both Broncos and Chief’s players showed their love and support for Mahome’s before he left the field. Once he reached the sideline, Mahome’s was bale to limp back into the locker room under his own power to receive X-rays.

Patrick Mahome’s is the most electrifying player in the NFL right now and has earned that reputation since he was drafted by the Chiefs. A player that the Chief’s honestly can not live without. In order for Kansas City to add on to this already successful season, they are going to need Mahome’s knee 100% healthy and stable approaching the later half of the season.

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