Where do WVU Students disappear to?

It’s hard to put an exact finger on where some West Virginia students disappear to, knowing that this town has a lengthy history of chewing people up and spitting them right back where they came from. But these students I am referring to are still located here in Morgantown, just invested into their favorite social media outlet.

Whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Barstool, you name it, when a student is indulged in newsworthy or meaningful content, in that moment, nothing else matters as they begin to dissolve into their screen.

School twitter account media outlet poll

According to the whopping five votes recorded on my poll, posted to my not so popular school twitter account, my followers stayed true to the app they were currently scrolling. After the full 24 hour poll period, Twitter won the race with 60% of votes, while Instagram followed close behind with 40% of all votes. It’s clear to say that five votes on a Twitter poll is not going to provide the most reliable data, but it sure gives us a place to start.

Being that I have had quite some experience here in Morgantown, I know just where to look and who to ask for the answers I need to help recover these vanishing students.

Sucked into the screen

DA news writer, Steph Alvaro, shared some insight on how accurate our Twitter poll ended up turning out to be when she was asked which media outlet seems to be at the forefront right now,

“Twitter and it’s not even close. Twitter has the largest college student following and that is where we receive the majority of our attention from.”

I wouldn’t be sitting to comfortable if I was Twitter nowadays as times are changing and generations continue to get lazier. Twitter mimics an older, more professional way of “surfing the web” being that reading words is a lot less popular than scrolling through pictures.

Although Instagram finished second in this weeks voting, It wouldn’t be a surprise to see those two alternatrating week after week.

As college students, we read enough words on a day to day basis and can, in someway, feel burnt out of apps like Twitter and ESPN, which happen to be predominantly made up of words.

That’s where Instagram triggers the inner child in us all, similar to scrolling through an old picture book, flipping page after page, almost as if the words in the book didn’t exist. When hopping on Instagram, you’re not exactly intending to become educated on a topic; you are searching for entertainment that requires little to no effort, and that is exactly what Instagram is best at.

Faces stuck to phones

I’ve witnessed myself, and countless others invest unhealthy amounts of time into these apps on our devices. It appears some have acquired more self-control than others, and those who lack it, are fairly easy to spot.

When the viewers focus sets in, they become what is known as “spaced” or “zoned out” and are completely absorbed by whats on the other side of their phone screen. Once this process is complete, it is almost as if they left the room without even moving. Incoming conversation and outside noise bounce off them like a satellite, and the only way to bring them back down to earth is by physical interaction. Whether it be by a violent shake or flying object, this strategy will likely get their immediate attention.

Image result for zoned out on phone gif
Zoned out

Apps come and go of course, it’s not hard to understand the difficulty in keeping up with the times we live in nowadays. But, that handful apps that only came and never went, are the ones us college students seem to have the most difficulty keeping our eyes off of. The ones that always give, but also always took without you even knowing.

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