The World NEEDS Sports and we WANT them now

If it wasn’t clear before, it sure is clear now that the world operates best when sports are being played across the globe. There hasn’t been a time quite like the one we are having now, and the way the world knows how fix it, is by rallying around each-other through sporting events. Stadiums, arenas, coliseums, you name it, thats where the world comes together to root for or against each-other. But all those rivalries and grudges come to a close when theres nothing to get excited about.

Not having sports around has never crossed my mind once, and now that they are currently gone, I never want them to leave again. The way I look at it, people are happiest when they have something to cheer about. It’s a chance to express your excitement that you cant do at any other function. Almost a sense of letting loose, and enjoying the company and comradery of complete strangers.

Happy Euro 2016 GIF by Sporza - Find & Share on GIPHY

These type of luxuries help keep people sane in the world. They help deal with reality and offer a chance to escape for a few hours. When you take something away, usually something is there to fill its shoes and provide a mutual feeling. With sports that is not the case. Nothing can can take the place of something that has its roots so deep into the world we live in. We need sports back soon, but we’d like them now.

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